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Integrate your software with AITable to grow your user base, provide more value to our mutual customers, and earn revenue together.


Why join our Tech Partner Program?

Interested in integration with AITable? Let's discuss how we can enhance our products together and collaborate for mutual benefit.



  • You offer a SaaS solution

  • You have a REST API


  • Access an easy API

  • Allow your customers to improve their data management

  • Get listed as an official partner

  • Potential to do collaborative marketing campaigns

  • Dedicated support

  • Right to use AITable logo, branding, etc

let's grow and

achieve more

Frequently asked questions

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In principle, the same individual or team can only participate in one Program (except for tech partner program).

If you possess both development and customer service capabilities, we recommend joining the Solution Partner Program. You can enjoy the benefits of the Solution Partner, Referral Partner, and Affiliate Partner simultaneously while essentially only joining the Solution Partner Program.

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Generally, if you have development skills and can provide services to customers, joining the Solution Partner Program will maximize your earnings. In addition to a 51% lifetime recurring commission, you can also enjoy 100% of the service revenue. This is especially true for self-hosted solutions, which have a higher average order value and can bring greater returns.

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If you are a content creator with your own communication channels, such as YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and you are willing to influence your audiences, customers, and fans through your channels (by sharing at least one piece of content related to AITable), you can join the Affiliate Program.

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If you do not meet the requirements for the Solution Partner or Affiliate programs, you can join the Referral Partner Program. You only need to focus on making referrals, without worrying about sales, service issues and you don’t need to maintain your own channels. Through the Referral Partner Program, you can enjoy revenue sharing and offer a 20% discount to your referrals.

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The commission will be attributed to the first affiliate link the customer visited. In other words, it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. So, hurry up and recommend it to your friends around you quickly.

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Considering the possibility of refunds from customers after purchase, we have set a 30-day deadline for commissions to be considered due (payable). On the first 5 days of each month, commissions that were considered due (payable) in the previous month will be paid.

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Yes, we’ll send you an agreement for joining the solution partner program, and you can sign up for our affiliate or referral program directly without an additional agreement.

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When a user clicks a link that includes your tracking code a cookie is saved. The cookie lifetime is 90 days. This means that if a user paid for AITable within 90 days after clicking your affiliate link, you will still receive a commission for your referral.

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You can promote AITable in any way you feel appropriate, but here are some suggestions from our end

  • Email marketing

  • Social media posts

  • Banner ads

  • Promotional videos

  • Blogs

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You can access available marketing resources from here.